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At, we specialize in high volume medical appointment referrals to doctors in our group while working with Snap.MD as our TeleMed platform. 

Jeremy Sigal

Jeremy Sigal

From our Founder:

As an experienced medical practice manager, I know your costs for running a medical practice have been spiraling while insurance reimbursements have been depressed and harder to collect resulting in more of your time spent on administration instead of helping patients. There is another option. Join the exploding business of part time with a view to it being a full time option as you get confidence in the cash flow from your consultations. 

At, we have existing patient flow of around 30,000 consults a month across the lower 48 states. We are seeking primary care doctors, preferably licensed in multiple states, to provide patient consultations on the platform. Training on chart note/documentation requirements provided. What we offer is:

* Complete administration services
* Billing and Collection services
* The Telemed Platform

After receiving your preferred hours, you’ll be alerted via text when your patients check into your waiting room for consultations. Our platform does your billing where you then receive reimbursements directly into your bank account. Consultations are “low complexity” in billing speak, with you earning $70+ per consult and this is after our fee. Your administration cost is simply writing us a check for our management fee per consult each month. That’s it! We look after the rest. It’s time to be in the practice of medicine and not wallowing in administrative issues.

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At, we understand time is money, so our focus is on maximizing your time treating patients. Our integrated technology provides a seamless telemedicine platform for streamlined consultations to allow you maximum consultations and compensation. 

3) We Provide The Business

If you’re not seeing enough patients or earning enough revenue these days, allow to provide the: Patients, Billing, TeleMed Platform, Revenue Management and More. Just complete the form below and let’s get you going today! 

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